Seven Signs You May Need A New Roof

With the winter months slowly creeping upon us it is always important to make sure what keeps our families covered is going to withstand the strongest of winter conditions. Listed below are seven helpful tips which may indicate your roof needs some TLC.
1- Look from the interior of your home first. Climbing up into the attic with a flashlight and look under the eaves. If you see beams of light coming through this is an indication there is some possible roofing issues.
2- Take a look at your home improvement records. The average asphalt roof lasts approximately 20 years.
3- Check your gutters. A roof losing a lot of granules may be at the end of its useful life. Your shingles should lay flat against the roof. Patches which are cracked, damaged or buckled indicates repairs may be in order.
4- Examine vents, skylights and chimneys. There is flashing around these points which seal the roof from rain and weather. In older homes a roof cement or tar was used to seal these points, yet it is always an option to upgrade to a metal flashing system for added durability.
5- If you notice your roof has become a droopy sagging roof this is a sign you need a new roof. Check for moisture, rotting boards or sagging spots specifically in low points.
6- See any pretty green on your roof such as moss? This is a sign moisture may be trapped. You can use a stiff brush to remove the moss yet be careful not to overlook any underlying issues which may be causing the moisture.
7- DON’T panic. A few damaged shingles or a small leak does not mean you need a new roof. Simply contact your local roofing company for a free estimate.

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