Beware of the Storm Chaser!

Knowledge is Power! Our team here at Noah’s Ark Roofing would like to provide our community with the knowledge of seeing the red flags when storm chasers come to your door to sell you a new roof telling you, “The insurance company will pay for it!”

We have been receiving numerous calls with concerned Flagstaff residents about such solicitors going door to door after the most recent storm. There is some information listed below. Please pass this along to friends, family and neighbors. We are more than happy to provide you with an honest free estimate!

“Worried homeowners can be easy prey for opportunistic scammers after a big storm. Some roofers, called “storm chasers,” follow bad weather events in search of damaged roofs. They often travel door-to-door, passing out leaflets and offering to repair or replace roofs that appear damaged — or, in some cases, roofs that are not damaged at all.

That’s part of the evil of the storm chaser: he’ll convince homeowners that they can get a new roof for a huge discount (or even free!) by filing an insurance claim after a big storm. The roofer gets paid, the homeowner gets a new roof (even if it’s not needed) and the massive insurance company with billions of dollars cuts a check without blinking. Everyone wins, right?”


“Beware: the work done by storm chasers is often poor. The storm chaser hits a neighborhood and wants to replace as many roofs as possible for as little cost as possible and then gets the heck out of town. The lifespan of these hastily-assembled roofs may be half that of a well-constructed roof — or much less.

How to avoid this scam: Don’t rush into anything: storm chasers will try to take advantage of your anxiety in the aftermath of a storm, insisting that work must be done quickly. Instead, take your time, ask to see insurance and references in your area, check the status of their roofer’s license, and visit the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints filed against them.

Often a storm chaser will show up at your door unannounced and mention that they’ve just finished repairing another roof nearby. He claims to have extra materials and can offer you a special discount to do your roof, too. This is a classic scam! “

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