3 Things That Happen When You Wait to Replace Your Roof

The basic function over the life of a roof is to keep the elements out of and away from the interior and its inhabitants. Unfortunately, roofs do have a finite lifespan. In areas such as Northern Arizona, that lifespan may be drastically shortened. A constant barrage of wind, snowstorms, occasional monsoon or hail is enough to have your roof screaming for help. To make matters worse, roofs are easy to forget. We can’t necessarily blame anyone for that…facts are that most sane people don’t spend a tremendous amount of time hanging out up there.

Today, we’ll discuss 3 things that WILL certainly happen when we neglect to give attention to one of the most integral parts of your home.


Shingles are applied in a fashion where each covers a portion of the next. This means that there is a vast inter-connectivity. If one shingle goes, the next is likely to…and so on. The old adage “only as strong as your weakest link” is applicable. If damage is left unchecked it will grow exponentially and hurt the pocketbook far more than if addressed early.


Roofs are composed of an OSB or plywood deck, underlayment, then shingles or other roof type. Missing or damaged shingles leave your underlayment and structural decking exposed to the elements. Over a short period of time this leads to wood rot and mold! This turns an average re-roof project into a much larger scope of work. Ripping the deck off and replacing adds the cost of decking and labor to your repair.


Most of us notice leaks at this stage. By this time the previous 2 points have already taken place. Visible damage inside living space means that water has passed through the roof, underlayment, deck, attic space, and drywall…. leaving a trail of damage and potential mold/mildew hazards along the way!

All doom and gloom? Yes…but DON’T PANIC.


  • We advise to schedule roof inspections at least once a year. If there is a hail, high wind event, or most certainly a monsoon, an inspection is advised immediately following the event.
  • Roofs should appear uniform. If you see something that appears out of place it likely is. Contact us for complimentary photo detailed roof inspection.

Have questions about your roof? Reach out!

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