Spring Checklist for Your Shingle Roof

A long winter’s worth of frigid winds, snow, ice and repeated freeze/thaw cycles can take a toll on your shingle roof and leave your home at risk of damaging water intrusions once the spring thunderstorm season arrives. Tackling the following checklist now can help keep your roof watertight so it’s able to fully protect your home, family and possessions from the weather

  • Check Your Shingles and Roof Flashing

For safety, don’t climb up on your roof. Instead, give it a visual checkup from the ground, and use binoculars for a better view if necessary. Scan the rooftop for dark patches of bare shingle substrate, areas of broken, buckled or missing shingles, as well as gaps or damage to the flashing in valleys, along the roof edge, and around dormers, plumbing stacks, skylights and the chimney.

  • Look for Evidence of Water Intrusions

Even minor winter roof wear and tear can result in leaks that cause significant damage to your home. Leaks can ruin the R-value of your attic insulation, decay roof decking, rafters and other structural components, facilitate the growth of mold and mildew, and stain your drywall and paint. To find evidence of leaks, examine your ceilings and exterior walls for water stains, then check in the attic for daylight shining through the roof sheathing, signs of dripping water, fresh or dried water stains on the wood, and damp or mildewed insulation between the floor joists.

  • Pay Attention to Your Gutters

Backed-up, overflowing rainwater from clogged or poorly-functioning gutters can decay the fascia and damage your siding, shingles and roof decking. To ensure that your gutters perform well during spring storms, clean out any collected debris from the troughs, fix any sagging or loose sections and downspouts, and seal up any gaps or holes. If your gutters are beyond repair, now’s the time to have a new system installed.

  • Schedule a Professional Assessment

You can prevent headaches and keep damage to a minimum by having a reputable local roofer perform a thorough spring checkup of your roof. A professional assessment will tell you the roof’s current condition, how long you can expect it to last, plus provide you with an estimate for needed maintenance or repairs so you can plan and budget for the cost.

If you’re in need of dependable, skilled home exterior or shingle roof maintenance and repair services in Northern Arizona this spring, contact us at Noah’s Ark Roofing and Sheet Metal LLC for your free estimate.

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