3 Simple Steps to Prepare your Roof for Summer

Over the winter, your roof can take a beating. With snow, ice, wind, and freezing temperatures, it’s not uncommon for roofing to become damaged. Broken shingles and damaged gutters can lead to more significant problems like leaks and pest infestations.

Here are a few tips to prepare for the warmer weather; 


The very first thing you should do to prepare your roof for the warm weather is to inspect it. Look for signs of damage or anything out of the ordinary. This could include missing shingles, exposed nails, wavy flashing, detached gutters, and more. All of these problems are easily fixable. If you do not feel comfortable inspecting the roof on your own, hire a professional roofing company to perform the inspection for you. This way, you will know for sure whether or not your roof needs any work completed.


Clogged gutters can mean trouble when the first rainfall of the season hits. When your gutters are full of leaves and debris, the water cannot flow through them and away from the home. This can lead to leaks. Summer is the perfect time of year to clean out the gutters and drain spouts. You may also want to clean any branches and debris off the roof, too. This will prevent your gutters from quickly clogging again.


By trimming back branches, you can prevent your gutters from becoming clogged. Additionally, you can avoid any damage that could be caused by falling or torn branches. This is an especially important step to prepare for our monsoons. By taking the time to trim overhanging branches, you can stop potential storm damage from affecting your roof. Focus your trimming efforts on branches that are diseased, dead, or hanging dangerously close to the home.

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