Brown Stains on Roof? Do I have a leak?

What Causes Brown Water Stains?

Brown water stains on a ceiling mean that water is collecting on the ceiling and that there is some form of leak. The obvious culprit is a leaky roof, but other issues can result in brown spots on the ceiling as well.


An easy way to check if your water spot on the ceiling is a result of leaks around vents or skylights is to examine the area yourself. If you see stains around the vents, you can safely assume your leak is coming from there.

HVAC units

Water may accumulate around the HVAC unit, too, which doesn’t drain properly and damages both the roof and the ceiling. Either way, it’s a good idea to call your HVAC contractor to come and help resolve the issue.

Busted pipe

Pipes, especially aged pipes, can be subject to leaks or bursts. This accumulation can lead to water spots on ceiling surfaces and ceiling stains, as the water slowly penetrates the material. In this case, you should hire a plumber to look at your pipes and replace them if necessary.

Roof Leaks

Roofs can leak for several reasons. Commercial roofs have a waterproof membrane that is designed to prevent water from entering the building. This membrane can be worn down due to age, mechanical damage, and even heavy storms. Residential roofs can also leak for multiple reasons. Weather damage, old age, open penetrations and missing or damaged shingles.

How Can I Repair Water Stains?

The best way to repair water stains is to address the root cause. If you have a leaky roof, get in touch with Noah’s Ark Roofing & Sheet Metal LLC on (928) 556-9191 today. We’ll be able to help you find the source of the leak and repair it as quickly as possible. Remember, we offer FREE estimates. So why wait? Call today!

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