Most Common Roof Problems

Leaking Roofs

Even the most sturdy shingles may cause leaks and other problems in your home. When moisture soaks into the roof, it can leak into the house, creating mold and mildew along with rotting your house.


Lifted Shingles

Severe weather and high winds can lift metal flashing, tiles, and shingles up. Lifted shingles need to be nailed down and resealed back onto the roofing of the home. The longer a piece of roofing remains lifted, the worse problems you could be facing.

Standing Water

If you have a divot in the roof that allows for water to pool, then moisture could seep in over time, guaranteeing leaks in certain areas of your house. Quality gutters and metal flashing can let water flow properly, preventing it from ponding.

No Maintenance

The biggest roof problem is a lack of maintenance. Busy schedules get in the way of looking at the quality of roofs, which can invite even more issues that can wreck your entire building.

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