6 Reasons You Should Replace Your Gutters

Cracks in gutters and downspouts are a sure sign that your home exterior and foundation are in danger of being damaged if they have not been already. Even the tiniest cracks and punctures can cause leaks.

Gutters that separate from the house and each other are not only unsightly, but they are also opening your home exterior up to water damage. Seam stress is common in older gutters and gutters that are susceptible to collecting large amounts of debris.

If the gutters are sagging or bowing, it means they have been overloaded by debris and water and are getting weighed down. Not only does this make the house look old or broken-down, but it is also indicative of improperly functioning gutters

If you see mildew around your foundation or damaged landscaping, the most likely culprit is leaking gutters. When gutters leak, they release water onto the exterior of your house and foundation. If that water gets trapped and sits there for too long, especially in the warmer months, you can have mold and mildew problems.

Peeling paint is usually a sign of excess moisture in an area of the house. If you see peeling paint around your gutters or downspouts, chances are good there is a leak somewhere. You need to go to the source of peeling paint and replace the part of the gutter that is nearest to that paint.

Rotting fascia and soffit are signs that you probably need to replace your gutter system. Both are close to the gutter, so if one or the other is rotting, you know you have a problem. In many cases, you will need to replace the moldy portions of the fascia and/or soffit. But if these boards are rotted, you will almost always need to completely replace the gutter to stop the source of the rot.

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