Tips & Tricks to a Tile Roof

Your roof protects you and your family from the elements and helps maintain the structural integrity of your home. Concrete tiles are popular roofing materials for residential homes across the US, and a good reason. From minimal maintenance to superior resistance against weathering, tiles offer numerous benefits. However, you’ll need to maintain your tile roof to extend its life correctly. Here are four maintenance tips to help.

1. Top Flashing

Your tile roof deserves superior-top flashing to protect your building and enhance its aesthetics. Top flashing can help repair and prevent leaks, giving you peace of mind throughout the year

2. Cleaning

When your tile roof starts looking older than it is due to black streaks, the cause could be black algae. Avoid the urge to engage the services of regular cleaners who use high-pressure water and harmful chemicals to force the black algae off your roof. This can cause even more damage. To effectively clean your roof without unnecessary damage, consider a soft wash with an all-natural cleaning solution. It will help your tile roof look great and last longer.

3. Repair Broken Tiles

With proper installation and maintenance, tile roofs should last 50+ years. However, some roofers cut corners during the building, such as failing to install flashing, which can reduce the life of your roof by half. Missing top flashing allows rainwater to run under the tiles, causing cracks, leaks, and deterioration. As a result, your tile roof can begin to leak at just five years and require replacement by 15-20 years. The excellent news is protective flashings can be installed at any time, doubling the life of your tile roof. Roof repair can help restore the integrity of your tile roof and double its lifespan. Some of the signs your roof needs repair include water leaking under the tile, stains from leaks, and interior water damage.

4. Roof Inspections Every Year or After a Storm

Most roofing product manufacturers require documented, regular inspections to maintain warranty coverage. However, such assessments can only be performed by a certified contractor. Cleaning companies are not trained, certified, and licensed to do such works and can end up causing damage you must pay to repair.

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