Roof Tip Tuesday

Roof Tip Tuesday 1

Happy Tuesday! Here is a fun fact on Lifespans!!! Many Roof Types such as 3-tab shingles can last between 15-20 years, while some other types of roofs can last upwards of 70 years, as long as they remain safe from severe weather storms. Several factors can affect the longevity of your roof, including weather, proper installation, and of course the roofing material. Here are some common materials that are used and their lifespans. Asphalt Shingles, if installed well aren’t negatively affected by storms, asphalt shingle roofs typically last between 15 to 30 years. These are the most common for residential housing. Clay Tiles are very durable and can last half a century or longer. They can be pricy, but many homeowners chose this route, because of less maintenance, and less likely to have to get a new roof. Metal Roofing is growing relatively popular due to its longevity and durability and can last up to 70 years! I hope this little tad bit of information will help you when deciding what to do for your new roof!

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