How to tell a good roofing job, from a bad one!

How to tell a good roofing job, from a bad one! 1

What a lovely Tuesday we have us here! here is how you would tell a good roofing job from a bad one, Take a quick look! The visual inspection from the ground should reveal any uniformity issues, which will include the roof aging differently in some sections than others. Also look for missing or cracked shingles, the presence of stains often indicate leaks. Finding the structure of the roof isn’t so simple as seeing the outer portions of the roof that might have issues, the structural elements include roof decking, underlayment, drip edge, and flashing structural problems will lead to premature leakage and other issues which is why Noah’s Ark Roofing and Sheet Metal will give a thorough inspection. Noah’s Ark Roofing and Sheet Metal also includes a 3 year inspection when you have a Reroof done through Noah’s Ark Roofing and Sheet Metal! The most common visual signs you don’t have is a  pristine installation where the uniform appearance will look good from one side, and not so good on the other side which will more likely include mismatched shingles which means the contractor could be cutting some corners by saving on time and/ or money resulting in a subpar job. Save everybody the hassle and call Noah’s Ark Roofing and Sheet Metal to do the job right the first time!

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