Does your roof need attention before monsoon season?

Does your roof need attention before monsoon season? 1

Monsoon Season is right around the corner, Arizona roofs work hard all year, but work even harder during monsoon season. Here are some important factors that needs to be looked at if your roof is in desperate need of attention before monsoons. If you need a roof inspection, Noah’s Ark Roofing offers inspections along with an official roof inspection sheet if you are working along side a insurance company. Take a look at this list to point you in the right direction on what to look for!

  1. Broken concrete or clay tiles
  2. Missing or loose asphalt shingles
  3. Metal Flashing around vents or chimneys have come loose
  4. Texture of a flat roof missing
  5. Hail Damage
  6. Holes in your roof

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